Teamwork in Patient’s Final Hours Recognized

When there isn’t a lot of time and unexpected circumstances arise, cooperation and flexibility are key indicators of how well a team functions under pressure. Lorna Rice, Carroll Hospice social worker, and Art Monroe, Carroll Hospice chaplain, are a prime example of teamwork at its best. The duo was recently named team of the month for the comfort they provided during a patient’s final hours. 

Lorna brought Carroll Hospice’s services to Carroll Hospital when a patient wasn’t going to be able to be transferred to Dove House, Carroll Hospice’s inpatient facility, in time. She quickly arrived at the patient’s bedside to comfort the family. When she discovered that she had a personal relationship with the family, she was able to provide another level of care that had a much greater impact on all.

With perfect timing, Chaplain Art arrived as soon as Lorna left. Even though he wasn’t on call, he rearranged his schedule to get there before the patient died. Once there, he comforted the patient’s family by creating an opportunity for them to reminisce about their loved one. While Chaplain Art was leading the grieving family in prayer, the patient passed away.

“Chaplain Art and Lorna truly exemplify Carroll Hospice’s mission to provide patients and their families with the highest quality end-of-life care. They always go above and beyond to provide a level of care that truly comes from the heart,” said Regina Bodnar, executive director of Carroll Hospice.

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