Teamwork in Patient’s Final Hours Recognized

When there isn’t a lot of time and unexpected circumstances arise, cooperation and flexibility are key indicators of how well a team functions under pressure. Lorna Rice, Carroll Hospice social worker, and Art Monroe, Carroll Hospice chaplain, are a prime example of teamwork at its best. The duo was recently named team of the month for the comfort they provided during a patient’s final hours. 

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Bereavement Luncheon Provides Camaraderie

The men and women took turns introducing themselves around the L-shaped table as they waited for their lunch orders to arrive. Some had been coming to Carroll Hospice’s bereavement luncheons for years, while, for a few, this was the first time they’d attended.

But all who came to share a meal were looking for solace, a place they could share their grief and memories, their troubles and fears, with those who could understand and empathize because they too had experienced the death of someone close.

The luncheon, facilitated by a Carroll Hospice bereavement counselor, takes place the last Tuesday of each month at Baugher’s Restaurant. No registration is required.

One by one, they shared who they had lost, how long it had been and what they had come to understand during the grieving process. “We all [grieve] differently,” explained one participant, who had lost her husband. “People who think we should be beyond this haven’t walked in our shoes.”

One participant shared how a trip to the beach—a place both he and his wife loved—brought up so many unexpected feelings. “Grief hits you sometimes when you least expect it,” he said. Another remembered how her husband was able to fix anything around the house. Now, she’s troubled at the thought of someone coming into her house to do those things. “This is a group I never wanted to be a part of,” she admitted.

For some attendees, volunteering, new hobbies and keeping busy all helped with their grief. But those things never completely fill the void.

“The outward mourning goes away,” confided a group participant to the others. “But the grief never does.”

Carroll Hospice has a variety of support groups to help with the loss of a loved one. For more information, call 410-871-7656.

This article originally appeared in DASH, Carroll Hospice’s community newsletter.