Personal Care Wherever It Is Needed

When polled, most people indicated a preference to die in their own home. And understandably so.

Our home is where so many of our memories have been made and so many major life events have occurred, and it often has a special spiritual feeling unique to each individual.

Sometimes circumstances do not allow individuals to die at home. For those situations, BridgingLife has three inpatient units: at Northwest Hospital in Baltimore County; at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore City; and at Dove House in Carroll County, located on Carroll Hospital’s campus.

These units are for the management of severe symptoms that cannot be controlled in other settings. Generally, these units are meant for short stays. The goal is to manage symptoms as quickly as possible and return the patient to his or her previous
level and place of care, if possible.

Our inpatient units are available to patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week should the need be there. Each unit is dedicated to providing the highest quality of personal care to the patient and family. We strive to provide support, comfort and relief in a setting that is as close to home as we can achieve.

John W. Middleton, M.D., is the medical director of BridgingLife.

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