Communication is Key

Once a patient or his or her family chooses Carroll Hospice for end-of-life care, the next step is to create a plan that allows for seamless collaboration among the interdisciplinary hospice team, the patient’s attending physician, the patient and the family, regardless of the care setting.

Carroll Hospice patients receive care wherever they call home, whether it’s the patient or family’s private home or one of the many nursing homes and assisted living facilities with which Carroll Hospice partners. A patient’s temporary home could be our inpatient facility, Dove House, where patients who need the highest level of care come to manage symptoms that cannot be resolved otherwise.

Regardless of the setting, Carroll Hospice is dedicated to providing high quality end-of-life care with an emphasis on communication.

For example, if a patient lives in a nursing home, Carroll Hospice’s staff will be in constant communication with the nursing home care provider to ensure everyone is up-to-date on the patient’s needs and requests, and they will work together to make sure the goals of care are met.

Our staff has also developed creative ways to communicate effectively with family members of patients who reside in nursing homes and may not always be present during visits from the hospice team. Our team members and volunteers adjust their schedules to accommodate family meetings and use secure email or text messaging compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), if the family approves, to update them after a visit.

In addition, we provide facilities with information on our broad range of hospice services to keep staff, residents and the patient’s family members informed on what we offer. This includes information on symptom management, end-of-life funeral planning, celebrations of life ceremonies, bereavement programs and spiritual services.

We provide these extra layers of communication to ensure that Carroll Hospice patients get the full benefit of our services as seamlessly as possible. The excellence of care delivered in a private home, nursing home, assisted living facility or the Dove House is the same; the difference is in the way that the hospice team approaches communication with the patient, family and other providers.

For more information, please visit our website or call Carroll Hospice at 410-871-8000.

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