Carroll Hospice Team Cares Bravely

Members of the Carroll Hospice team Care Bravely for their patients every day. For their efforts, they were recently named Carroll Hospital’s Team of the Month.

Hospice team members went above and beyond their duties while caring for one patient in particular. When the patient could no longer care for his cat, one of the hospice team members adopted it. Another drove to where the patient’s late son, who died in Iraq, was memorialized and took photos of it for the patient to see one last time. When the patient passed away, two Associates volunteered to be pallbearers at his funeral.

Carroll Hospice Associates also demonstrate their personalized care by working nights, evenings, weekends and extended shifts to make sure their patients have the best end-of-life care possible.

“Not only should our hospice team be recognized for the sacrifices they make for the comfort of their patients, they should also be admired for the flexibility and support they provide for each other,” said Regina Bodnar, executive director of Carroll Hospice.



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