BridgingLife: A Continuum of Care

BridgingLife. I have spoken on numerous occasions regarding our new name (not so new anymore!) and how I feel that it more accurately reflects our expansion in both the communities that we serve and the services that we offer. What I haven’t spoken about is our pledge to families: “Compassionate Care for Life’s Transitions.”

Life is filled with transitions and, perhaps, none quite as challenging as those that accompany a serious illness. BridgingLife, with our broad array of services—palliative care, hospice care and grief support—is poised to help you navigate these pivotal moments. From the time of diagnosis, through living each day with a serious illness to, for some, approaching end of life, BridgingLife brings skilled care and symptom management, supportive services and education. We are a continuum of care that brings services to you.

Whether it is a new diagnosis or one that you have been living with, our care is designed to provide the right care at the right time. Sometimes our involvement is simply a conversation regarding your illness and your personal goals. We assist you to document these care choices. Other times, your care is more complex, and our involvement is more robust. The services available to you are dependent on the patient’s clinical status, the patient and family’s intellectual understanding of an illness, and their emotional acceptance of a limited prognosis.

Please be assured that as you live each day with serious illness, BridgingLife is there to wrap you in the services that are right for you and, as always, we consider it both an honor and a privilege to be involved in your care. Call 410-871-8000 to learn how we can help your family. 

Regina Bodnar is the assistant vice president of hospice and palliative care services. 

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