Becoming a Certified Hospice Medical Director

By John W. Middleton, M.D.

I started as Carroll Hospice’s first full-time medical director in March 2019. Shortly after accepting this position, Regina Bodnar, Carroll Hospice’s executive director, challenged me to become a certified hospice medical director.

This certification requires testing administered by the Hospice Medical Director Examination Board that assesses expertise in the skill set needed to be a hospice medical director. This voluntary certification program affirms that one is capable of leadership, capable of patient and family care, and has an understanding of the death and dying process.

But my certification isn’t unique. Carroll Hospice requires nurses, aides and other staff to be hospice certified in their respective roles within the first two years of employment.

I personally think this requirement is essential to the care we provide, as we want only the best for our terminally ill patients. To expect nothing less from all of our employees would be inconsistent with our vision.

Our patients, family and community deserve the greatest care, and that is what we strive to give them each day.

Dr. Middleton is the medical director at Carroll Hospice.

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