‘A Final Salute’ : Volunteer Tom Rio

Carroll Hospice is proud to care for and recognize military veterans at the end of life.

In honor of Veterans Day, Carroll Hospice’s We Honor Veterans volunteers share their thoughts and

U.S. Army veteran Tom Rio reflects on his volunteerism:

I am always touched by how moving the veteran’s certificate presentation ceremony can
be to a veteran in hospice care approaching the end of life. As I begin the presentation,
it sometimes takes a moment for the room to quiet and focus. I quickly have the
veteran’s attention, and family members who may be there have grown quiet, respectful
and perhaps tearful. There is a gravity to the military service that has been rendered
and perhaps not understood or spoken of very freely in the years since.

At the end I ask any other veterans in the room to join me in giving the veteran we are
honoring a final salute, veterans honoring a veteran. The veteran sometimes struggles
to return the salute with a brightness in their eye and a smile on their face.

Volumes are spoken in that glance. It is a touching moment for everyone.

Thank you to all veterans for your selfless sacrifice for our country.

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